The game is created for the TyranoBuilder Spring Game Jam 2017. Theme is "Fresh starts". Eqo is a pixel art game, with chiptune musics. The gameplay is in a point and click style. The goal of the game is to explore an island and solve puzzles.


Eqo is a young girl who lost the meaning of her life. She jumps on the first boat to leave her tasteless existence and find a name. But this is not an ordinary boat she took : it brings you where you destiny awaits. She lands on a strange deserted island, where a terrible slaughter occured. She's not sure why the boat left her here…


Scene 1 - Eqo is on the boat
Scene 2 - Eqo is going to meet a very strange man
Eqo walking

Hro walking

Speaking with Hro

Eqo's arrival

Eqo's taking the mirror

Object interface

Custom cursors in TyranoBuilder (default and active : menus, clickable areas, etc.)

Here's how I manage to have my own custom cursors in TyranoBuilder.

  • Where are the files ?

When you create a new game in TyranoBuilder, a new folder with the name of your game is created in \TyranoBuilder\myproject\, that's where are the files to tweak.

  • How to set a custom default cursor ?

The default cursor.

It's when your cursor is not changed in-game with Tyrano-scripting (we will see that later) nor hover a clickable area.

Easy : This one can be changed directly in the game settings of TyranoBuilder.

  • How to set a custom active cursor ?

By default, the active cursor is the pointer

The active cursor is when the cursor is over a clickable area, a menu etc.

First, search for this file : \TyranoBuilder\myproject\*YourGameName*\tyrano\plugins\kag\kag.tag.js
Edit it with any notepad or file editor you may have.
Then, find and replace any pointer by what you want as a cursor. It can be a native cursor (like Help for example) or an image you created typing url(), we'll see that later.

Then, do the same here \TyranoBuilder\myproject\*YourGameName*\tyrano\tyrano.css

  • What are the different options of cursor I can use ?

You can use native cursors like Help, Progress, Wait, Move.

The help cursor

The move cursor

You can set an image as well, the size you want with the url() CSS function.
Here how it works :
url(/data/image/my_cursor.gif) 4 12, auto
Means that you're searching for my_cursor.gif, that is stored in /data/image/
4 12 is optional it means that you define where the hotspot is, if nothing is written there it will be 0,0 and it's totally fine.
auto is the switch by default if the image is not found, advice : you should put here a native cursor, auto is more than fine.
  • How to change a cursor in-game for a special event ?

You can use the TyranoScript [cursor storage="my_cursor.gif"] and then set back the cursor storage to default.